Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cooker is Boiling Over

Approximately 2 weeks ago MSNBC reported that Oakland California laid off 80 of their police officers. And to add insult to injury, they issued a statement telling Oakland residents to report non violent crimes on the internet. MSNBC also reported a few other cities and or counties are doing the same. Some sheriffs (this is not 100% confirmed) are telling residents to consider arming themselves. Meanwhile in Washington D.C. a hand full politicians along with the Obama Administration are pushing hard with legislation to seize control over the internet. On top of that they're pushing for gun control and amnesty for illegal immigrants. To make matters worse, now they're filing lawsuits against Arizona for rightfully - by the United States Constitution - taking their immigration problems into their own hands. Now there is one more nail in the coffin. The Cypress Times in Texas has reported that over the weekend a Mexican drug cartel group called The Los Zetas has taken over and seized 2 Texas ranches. If this isn't straight up in your face corruption from our own Government, then please tell me what is.

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