Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yes It's Very Real! Americans are the Terrorist!!


This is a total scam! It's propaganda designed to fool the American people into believing the threat of homegrown terrorism is so bad that we'll condone any security measures they take. Yet everytime they implement some new security measure, we find out it really serves as one more step towards diminishing our constitutional rights.

Friday, December 17, 2010


It's official now folks. And yes........it's all to real. Department Of Homeland Security is stepping up their police state grid with Government license to work program. America's new Gestapo, but unlike Nazi Germany's Gestapo being secret, DHS is out in the open and in our faces. Weeks after one of the biggest back lashes in modern American History against TSA's body scanner and sexual offensiveness episode, union workers in several states are now required to under go a security assessment test administered by none other than TSA!(Transportation Security Administration) in order to be allowed to work.

Last night I downloaded and read the Background Screening Criteria and while I read I sank further and further into total shock and amazement. After researching and following DHS's history for almost a year now this shouldn't have been shocking the least bit. The larger portion of shock value comes from how far DHS is literally taking their police state grid. All under the disguise of Homeland Security and the war on terror.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stansberry & Associates Brutal Warning!

Hit the play button with your mouse cursor.

Three years ago I would have thought this was psycho crazy talk or some sort of scam. In the current times I look around and research information and I can't find one thing that cast a shadow of doubt on this Stansberry & Associates warning. All the elements for this to take place have been and are in order exactly as pointed out in the video

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Google launches cover up at top of Google trends

I found this article written a few months ago by Clifford Bryan from the Examiner LA website and felt an overwhelming urge to comment on the article. However the comment has to be less than 1500 characters which will not work for my comment so I posted here on my blog.

Clifford Bryan wrote

"I'm not sure if this is some type of weird PR campaign or what. Google launches cover up is what a website named Prison Planet is telling everyone to search for on Google. It has something to do with Top Secret America. I think these guys are really bored.

At least Google is cleaning up the spam and making sure these fly by night trend setters are behaving. Makes for a better internet. Must be same group that pushed Michelle Obama ape image a few months ago.

Update:Look I understand what you guys are saying. But check this out. The Google algorithm obviously has this whole thing pegged as a "Google Bomb". It's the algo trust me. This story is not that hot. Who hired you guy

My Comment

Try doing some research before you algo-rhythmically hack away at a story when it's clear you have no idea what your writing about. What your referring to has nothing to do with a cover up. It doesn't have anything to do with Top Secret America. How could America as a whole be top secret anyway? Furthermore, the topic in discussion absolutely has nothing to do with pushing ape pictures of Michelle Obama because PrisonPlanet.com deals with much more serious issues. Had you done your homework you might not have written what you wrote.

Perhaps you should have listened to the archived show before writing this article. You would have learned this topic is about


Google (the company that owns YouTube) not only allowed an illegal hack on a YouTube profile but also provided the information to do so and removed a video that was out numbering all other Obama search terms at that time.


This was also a blatant example of how private companies in bed with the Government can get away with censoring anyone they want because they're exempt from adhering to the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights. In basic term it's a legal attack on free speech.

Your article also indicates you lack common sense. Most people would ask the question if Youtube really did censor a video and have it removed, why? It's because Alex Jones from PrisonPlanet.com is utilizing innovative ways to get serious news worthy stories and documentaries to the American people by calling out search terms for his listeners to enter into search engines such as Google and YouTube. This new technique worked so well that YouTube decided it needed to resort to criminal like behavior to stop this from happening. Why? Because Google is now in bed with the Government and the Government can't allow the truth to get out. However, Alex Jones and his listeners pushed back and forced Youtube to put the video back. And one way of pushing back was of course exposing YouTube of their ridiculous behavior by the listeners utilizing the search term "Obama Deception censored by YouTube" which went right to the top of the list almost instantaneously. Like I mentioned earlier you would have known this had you done your homework!

This has to be truly embarrassing for you when someone like myself (who doesn't know anything about journalism, barely graduated from high school, and lived a large portion of life shooting up heroin and cocaine) point out how much your article lacks common sense and intelligence.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


This is brilliant! Escondido California - police say they had no choice other than burning down a house because it was to full of EXPLOSIVES! Most people with half a brain know what's wrong with this picture. But, for those who are still drawing a blank, can someone please point out what the bleeeeep is wrong this picture?

Doesn't this completely defy common sense? This is 2010 in America the most technically advanced country in the world. Couldn't they have just sent in a robotic device? Oh yeah that's right, they're using those to spy on Americans!!!! BBC ARTICLE

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


There was a time when people tried to tell me there was a form of tyranny rising up in the U.S. and my attitude was, YEAH RIGHT! YOUR CRAZY! That was about 6 years ago. My friend was making claims that all our constitutional rights were systematically being stripped away from us. Well, here we are Dec. 07 2010 and the Commissioner of the FCC is announcing a standardized and regulated form of news reporting.

Monday, December 6, 2010


For days now it's been Wikileaks all across the board. Headlines read "Wikileaks to release bombshell insurance info if shut down." "Assange founder of Wikileaks sought after by Interpol." "Amazon cuts Wikileaks from their servers." Wikileaks Wikileaks Wikileaks Wikileaks Wikileaks.

At this point it's beginning to look like it's safe to call this one a diversion tactic. First of all, what's really in these cables that's of any value to anyone on either side? I've read a few of these cables and I'm finding them to be hardly damaging to any side at all U.S. or foreign. Mostly they read like your typical high school he said she said gossip. Only it's world governments and leaders throwing arround the verbal shit bombs.

The biggest indicator is that Assange has been public enemy number one for over two weeks and still the FBI, NSA, Interpol, CIA, MOD, MI6 can't find this guy and have no idea where he's at. Yet he's somehow able to conduct interviews with certain news agencies and we keep seeing these new rock star style photographs appearing on the internet. This whole thing with Wikileaks is a scam and a set up. Now he's an alleged sex offender in Sweden! Give me an eefing break!

After following some commentary on one news reporting site, it became obvious the diversion tactic is working. The commentary almost immediately went from the headline "Assange still free and alleged to be a sex offender" to a debate over liberals vs conservatives, left vs right, republican vs democrat, bias vs not bias and religion. And the majority of individuals involved in the commentary seemed to lack the ability to intellectually debate in any direction the commentary shifted towards.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rep. Ike Skelton Farewell Speech

Army Times staff writer Rick Maze wrote in his artcle on Ike Skelton's farewell speech "The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Chairman said in a Wednesday night farewell speech to Congress that a growing divide between the U.S. military and the American public will leave fewer and fewer people who understand the sacrifices of military service." Rick also quotes Skelton as saying “For those not in uniform or connected to the military in some way, it is easy not to relate to our service members’ difficulties as they deal with the trials of war and combat, multiple deployments, family separations, missed birthdays, and other sacrifices too numerous to mention.”

Really Skelton? I think the American people would find it a lot more easier to relate to service members of armed forces and the sacrifices they make if they were really fighting to protect us. There's no doubt that service members sacrifice hugely. The problem with relating to service members at this point in time is that more and more Americans are learning the truth about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both of those wars were based on false pretenses and out right lies to the American people. Now we're learning that those lies weren't just some moment of opportune. Those lies were premeditated.

I know some people reading this might be thinking how dare I suggest anything of the sort. They might also think what about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. If anyone still thinks that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by rag wearing cave dwellers from Afghanistan, they are simply not paying attention to the real evidence. The official story of the attacks on 9/11 is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. It's documented that several of the 19 hijackers were funded and trained by the C.I.A. And it's also documented that one of the hijackers were found to be alive and working in Afghanistan after 9/11. The evidence I just mentioned is nothing compared to the scientific forensic and testimony evidence that dwarfs the official 9/11 Commission Report. I say we get the Military Forces out of Afghanistan and Iraq A.S.A.P. That way we could send them after the real criminals who are still carrying out their attack on the American people today. Only now they're doing it through the fear of terrorism. It's general consensus these days that our real enemy is the New World Order.