Saturday, December 11, 2010

Google launches cover up at top of Google trends

I found this article written a few months ago by Clifford Bryan from the Examiner LA website and felt an overwhelming urge to comment on the article. However the comment has to be less than 1500 characters which will not work for my comment so I posted here on my blog.

Clifford Bryan wrote

"I'm not sure if this is some type of weird PR campaign or what. Google launches cover up is what a website named Prison Planet is telling everyone to search for on Google. It has something to do with Top Secret America. I think these guys are really bored.

At least Google is cleaning up the spam and making sure these fly by night trend setters are behaving. Makes for a better internet. Must be same group that pushed Michelle Obama ape image a few months ago.

Update:Look I understand what you guys are saying. But check this out. The Google algorithm obviously has this whole thing pegged as a "Google Bomb". It's the algo trust me. This story is not that hot. Who hired you guy

My Comment

Try doing some research before you algo-rhythmically hack away at a story when it's clear you have no idea what your writing about. What your referring to has nothing to do with a cover up. It doesn't have anything to do with Top Secret America. How could America as a whole be top secret anyway? Furthermore, the topic in discussion absolutely has nothing to do with pushing ape pictures of Michelle Obama because deals with much more serious issues. Had you done your homework you might not have written what you wrote.

Perhaps you should have listened to the archived show before writing this article. You would have learned this topic is about


Google (the company that owns YouTube) not only allowed an illegal hack on a YouTube profile but also provided the information to do so and removed a video that was out numbering all other Obama search terms at that time.


This was also a blatant example of how private companies in bed with the Government can get away with censoring anyone they want because they're exempt from adhering to the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights. In basic term it's a legal attack on free speech.

Your article also indicates you lack common sense. Most people would ask the question if Youtube really did censor a video and have it removed, why? It's because Alex Jones from is utilizing innovative ways to get serious news worthy stories and documentaries to the American people by calling out search terms for his listeners to enter into search engines such as Google and YouTube. This new technique worked so well that YouTube decided it needed to resort to criminal like behavior to stop this from happening. Why? Because Google is now in bed with the Government and the Government can't allow the truth to get out. However, Alex Jones and his listeners pushed back and forced Youtube to put the video back. And one way of pushing back was of course exposing YouTube of their ridiculous behavior by the listeners utilizing the search term "Obama Deception censored by YouTube" which went right to the top of the list almost instantaneously. Like I mentioned earlier you would have known this had you done your homework!

This has to be truly embarrassing for you when someone like myself (who doesn't know anything about journalism, barely graduated from high school, and lived a large portion of life shooting up heroin and cocaine) point out how much your article lacks common sense and intelligence.

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