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Many have had their doubts about the legitimacy of Wikileaks including myself. As each day went on after the cablegate story broke, Wikileaks more and more began to look like a CIA disinfo setup. Now they just confirmed it beyond a shadow of a doubt with this latest article.

FBI hunts the 9/11 gang that got away

Anyone who's studdied 9/11 can tell you this story about the FBI hunting a 9/11 gang that got away is the most bullshit story of them all. Nice try Wikileaks, but you've already been exposed as a CIA managed propaganda disinfo machine. This story even contradicts the bogus official story they tried to sell us with the 9/11 Commission Report. I wish the rest of Americans can see right through this propaganda. We're supposed to believe this crap? A day after they try to scare us with their fake Al-Quaeda terrorist attack warnings. If anything happens, it will have CIA approval written all over it.

How come everyone behind the official story of 9/11 never talks about BLDG 7, or all the eyewitness testimony from firemen who testified about bombs going off in the basements of the first tower after the plane hit? Huge explosions that threw them upwards 8 or 10 feet in the air. 9/11 has just been one big coup d'├ętat right from the start.


For all who are oblivious to the rising police state currently being setup in the United States, here's another article that should encourage all who are sleep walking to WAKE UP!

Total corruption by elected officials who think they are above the law. We have Michael Bloomberg - the 10th richist person in the US and current mayor of NYC - setting up his own undercover secret police to infiltrate wild west gun shows in Arizona!

NYC mayor conducts gun-sale sting in Arizona