Monday, December 6, 2010


For days now it's been Wikileaks all across the board. Headlines read "Wikileaks to release bombshell insurance info if shut down." "Assange founder of Wikileaks sought after by Interpol." "Amazon cuts Wikileaks from their servers." Wikileaks Wikileaks Wikileaks Wikileaks Wikileaks.

At this point it's beginning to look like it's safe to call this one a diversion tactic. First of all, what's really in these cables that's of any value to anyone on either side? I've read a few of these cables and I'm finding them to be hardly damaging to any side at all U.S. or foreign. Mostly they read like your typical high school he said she said gossip. Only it's world governments and leaders throwing arround the verbal shit bombs.

The biggest indicator is that Assange has been public enemy number one for over two weeks and still the FBI, NSA, Interpol, CIA, MOD, MI6 can't find this guy and have no idea where he's at. Yet he's somehow able to conduct interviews with certain news agencies and we keep seeing these new rock star style photographs appearing on the internet. This whole thing with Wikileaks is a scam and a set up. Now he's an alleged sex offender in Sweden! Give me an eefing break!

After following some commentary on one news reporting site, it became obvious the diversion tactic is working. The commentary almost immediately went from the headline "Assange still free and alleged to be a sex offender" to a debate over liberals vs conservatives, left vs right, republican vs democrat, bias vs not bias and religion. And the majority of individuals involved in the commentary seemed to lack the ability to intellectually debate in any direction the commentary shifted towards.

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