Friday, December 17, 2010


It's official now folks. And's all to real. Department Of Homeland Security is stepping up their police state grid with Government license to work program. America's new Gestapo, but unlike Nazi Germany's Gestapo being secret, DHS is out in the open and in our faces. Weeks after one of the biggest back lashes in modern American History against TSA's body scanner and sexual offensiveness episode, union workers in several states are now required to under go a security assessment test administered by none other than TSA!(Transportation Security Administration) in order to be allowed to work.

Last night I downloaded and read the Background Screening Criteria and while I read I sank further and further into total shock and amazement. After researching and following DHS's history for almost a year now this shouldn't have been shocking the least bit. The larger portion of shock value comes from how far DHS is literally taking their police state grid. All under the disguise of Homeland Security and the war on terror.

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