Saturday, November 20, 2010


In the past month we've witnessed a classic form of dictatorship and tyranny escalate at an alarming rate. First the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration)slowly eased in their backscatter full body x-ray machines which raised some questions about the levels radiation and whether or not those levels are safe or not. After TSA announced to the public that these machines were safe, some evidence came forward that contradicted their claim and exposed them in their first lie.

After that their were concerns about the images and if they were being stored somewhere. Some members from TSA responded with "Of course not. We don't save any of the images anywhere in our data base." Shortly after that statement TSA once again was caught in a lie over the fact that they were storing the images on a hard drive.

Then came TSA's next wave of attack on the American people with their new pat down procedure. For clarification I'm refering to the first pat down procedure where they use the back of their hand and ever so lightly check the groin area of a person. When this procedure began they were only randomly picking out people from the regular security line based on a discrimination and stereotyping method. Also it's the alternative if one opts out from bathing themselves in radiation.

What came next was so extraordinary shocking it caused a major backlash and revolt across the united states. X-ray machines started popping up in airports all across the U.S. which caused more and more opt outs. Suddenly TSA announces a change in the pat down procedure with an enhanced pat down. That's when the pat downs became a free for all groping session where TSA workers use the palm of their hand and literally grab people in the privates. What set people off even more was these gropings are not like the standard police pat down where a female officer pat downs a female suspect and a male officer pat downs a male suspect. Many victims of this out of control groping were reporting that grown men working for TSA were grabbing their young daughters in the groin with full contact and a push.

At this point thousands are infuriated at the level of disgust TSA has inflicted on the American people. Many people started taking action. One person hit record on his camera and let it record the whole process. He opted out of the x-ray scanner and proceeded to the pat down area. When the TSA worker starts explaining the procedure the man says "If you touch my junk I'll have you arrested." Of course that stirred up a discussion with the TSA worker and a supervisor. The supervisor informs the gentleman that if he can't submit to the radiation or the pat down he can't fly. So the guy says fine I'll go see if I can get my ticket refunded and then leave the airport. Moments later the supervisor stops the guy to get his information for the case. The guy says "what case?" The TSA supervisor responds that they're going bring a civil disturbance case against him and fine him up to $11,000.

Now about four days later TSA came out with a statement that they will file a civil disturbance case against anyone who opts out of the scanner and the groping. Along with the case will be a $11,000 and then (to add fuel to the fire!!!) that person will be detained at the airport until a police officer can arrive to search pat down the person before they can leave the airport!! Why? Because that person has just put themselves in a position as someone with something to hide!!

Can you believe this load of crap? So many Americans have no idea what is staring right in the face. A total Nazi style corporate takeover designed to economically destroy and control the middle class of America.

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