Saturday, January 15, 2011

The by-product of Homeland Security and the War on Terrorism

Sometime in the year 2009 a document titled MIAC Strategic Report was leaked to the public by a California Sheriffs Deputy. In that report the FBI and DHS listed what types of groups and individuals could potentially be a terrorist. One in particular group is listed as community aide and help organization. Some people in these groups might be an under cover secret terrorist plotting to kill people. These reports are handed out to law enforcement agencies encouraging them what to look out for.

Now roughly 2 years later, the Houston Chron is reporting that Bobby and Amanda Herring from Houston Texas are no longer allowed to take food once a week to the homeless people in downtown Houston. The article goes on to say that the couple must be certified and obtain a permit to continue.

Now some of you reading this might be asking what does feeding the homeless have to do with Homeland Security. The answer to that is very complex and deals with a highly controversial topic. But to sum it up into a few words, one aspect of this has to do with a police state system where everyone eventually will need to get permission to do anything from the government. Things like drive your car, work, access the internet, live in a house, use soap, drink water, cook, grow your own food.

That type of system is incrementally being set up right before our eyes and this article from the Houston Chron proves it. It’s a slow conditioning saying everyone needs to be policed and that being human and caring for others is a crime. Another aspect of this is of course financial and if the Government isn’t receiving some sort of revenue through taxation or license and or permit fee, then it’s a crime.

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